Day Passes and Daily Visitors Guidelines

Day Use vs Park Guest: Each park guest is required to pay for using the facilities at Yogi Bear’s Jellystone Park™ at Coyote Ranch. All guests renting a site in the park (RV, Campsite or Cabin) are charged an all-inclusive rate at $8.50 per person per day for a max of 2 days (what that means is that after the 2 days of paying $8.50 per person per day, they no longer have to pay their daily fee and are only charged the lodging rate). Day Use guest must pay the Day Use price ($15) and must leave the park by 10pm. If you have a guest who would like to visit and spend the night, it is less expensive for you to include them in your reservation versus paying the Day Use fee. NOTE: The maximum number of guest you can add to your reservation is based on the occupancy or the campsite or cabin.

You have a campsite for Friday and Saturday nights. Your son has a friend wanting to spend Saturday night. Since he is spending the night then you would have to get a Day Use pass for Saturday & Sunday. You can pay the Day Use fee of $15/day which equals $30 . If you put his friend on your reservation the extra person charge is $8.50 per day (must be for each night of the reservation) or $17. You will be saving $13.

Parking: Day guests parking is located in the front parking lot near the entrance to the park.

Armbands: Once you register you will receive an armband for each paid Day guest. These armbands allow you access to the park and it’s amenities and must be worn at all times while on the property.

Pets: Day guests are not allowed to bring pets (dogs, cats, etc) with them to the park.

General: BBQ grills are not allowed when visiting park as a Day guest. BBQ Grills are not allowed in the Amenity or Pool areas- so you will not have a place for it.
Picnics are NOT allowed on RV or tent sites within park. These areas are reserved for campers.
You can bring outside food and drink. Coolers are allowed at the pool, however; any type of glass containers is prohibited for safety purposes. Alcoholic Drinks must be concealed in a koozie (available at the Ranger Station). PicNic Tables and seating have been provided for your picnic lunches.(No Fires or Cooking is allowed).

If these guidelines are not followed, the family will be asked to leave without a refund.